Friday, November 19, 2010

Becoming A Woman of God

Greetings, my friends!

I come writing so humbly giving all glory and honor to God! As I approach another year of life, I am so tickled as I see all the wondrous workings of God in my life. This wondrous workings did not happen overnight, believe me. I had to get in total obedience with the will of God, that was the only way, God told me, He would have it. As I serve the Lord, I realize that becoming that woman, that woman that God intends for me to be takes hard work and dedication to the will of God. It does not come overnight, it comes with daily reading and studying of the Word, daily living of the life that God sets out in His holy book, daily repentance and love towards others. Becoming a woman of God requires that the household loves and serves the Lord.

I reflected back to a luncheon I attended which was hosted by the Ministers and Deacons Wives Ministry of my church. The theme of the luncheon was "The Chosen Lady -A Woman Worth Imitating". As I continue to work on becoming the woman that God wants me to be, I pray that as other women, including my daughter and my nieces, look at my life, they will see the God in me, the chosen lady, a woman worth imitating.

I pray each day for God's continued mercy and grace. I pray each day that the Lord keeps me humble and grounded as I walk in His path so that young and old women may see that I am just a sinner saved by God's grace, redeemed and sanctified and would want to know God more and more because they see that His light is shining in and through me!

To God be the glory from whom all blessings flow!

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