Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Type "C" Personality?

An article caught my attention in "Women Of Spirit" magazine. The article, "Is There A Type C Personality? - The Cancer Connection" was very interesting. I knew about types A (high strong, driven and competitive) and B (relaxed, creative, expressive), but didn't know there was even a Type C (overly nice and nurturing, passive, prefers appeasing others; tends to repress anger and other strong emotions).

Research has been conducted and apparently some researchers suggest that the Type C personality may be more prone to cancer. Dr. Monty Sellon, Family Practice Physician indicated that "It's not the cancer that gives them that personality, but it may be that personality suppresses their immune system and makes them more susceptible to some cancers." Of course, this research has much further to expand because it is not empirically strong. In fact, a lot of prominent doctors and researchers have called this study "a lot of bunk".

(Fall 2013 Spirit of Women)

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