Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Can I Get A Witness?"

My friends, I give God all the glory and honor and His name is worthy to be praise.

I was one of several in the congregation that was asked by Rev. Moore of the First African Baptist Church, "Can I Get A Witness?". I answered then and I am answering now, yes, I am a witness. Rev. Moore had defined a witness as one who testifies of something to be true. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a witness as one who has personal knowledge of something. I am a witness for the Lord because I have personal, first-hand knowledge and experience of what the Lord has done in my life; I am a witness because I am a recipient of the miracles that the Lord has performed in my life. I give truthful accounts of where and what I used to be before the Lord touched me and changed me. I am not ashamed to tell folk about the life of sin I used to be tangled up in before the Lord finally cracked the whip on me. Oh I can testify what a difference my life has been since God came into my life! I am witness because people who knew me back then and see the way I live my life now, know that I have been redeemded by the blood of the Lord. So now, you can understand that I am a witness for the Lord.

Rev. Moore said that a witness must have heard of God; must have felt the Lord, must have experience the Lord for himself/herself. We must know who Jesus is; know who God is; know who the Word is, and know deep down in the depths of our souls about the experiences with the Lord. He said being a witness for Christ requires four things of us:
1) We must be willing to work for the Lord;
2) We must be willing to work together;
3) We must be willing to work through dangers, toils and snares; and
4) We must be willing and obedient to go wherever the world needs us.

My friends, many of us are too ashamed to be a witness for Christ, but we must be obedient to the Lord and be a witness for Him. Mark 16:15 gives us the assignment to be a witness for the Lord. Verse 15, "Jesus said to His followers, 'Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone'." As recipients of God's love and mercy and grace and countless miracles and blessings in our lives, we should be serving the Lord, we should be testifying to others who do not know the Lord. We should be working together in spreading the good news of our Lord. We should be witnesses just as we see in the Bible repeatedly the disciples working together, we see Paul working with young Timothy, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Silas. As witnesses, we must love one another; we must go out with one another to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

A witness for the Lord works through dangers, toils and snares. Rev. Moore said that there is an adversary, the devil. He does not want us to be witnesses for the Lord, so he does anything and everything to stop us, but we must always know that we serve a great God and even when the devil tries to shut us down, he cannot shut us up! My friends, I pray you will join me in becoming a witness for Christ. We must be witnesses not only in the church, but outside of the church. That's where God wants us. We need to be bringing people to Christ through our testimonies. We need to reach people the world over. Therefore, I pray that you be not ashamed to tell others of the goodness of God; do not be disobedient to the will of God; go out and tell the world of the goodness of the Lord; tell the world of a Lord who is loving and merciful. My friends, if ever God calls upon you to serve outside of your comfort zone, please be obedient and submit to God's will.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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