Tuesday, November 17, 2009


To God be the glory, I serve an awesome God!

We serve an amazing, merciful and gracious God who loves us despite our failures, our past, our shortcomings. I know that my future is not defined by my past, I see it everyday, I am living it everyday, in fact, I look forward to my future, if God's willing! Tonight I had a meeting with a group of women and I tell you, it is just amazing how God brings people together for His purpose. We were on one accord. These women gave me the encouragement to press forward in doing God's work. I even came back home with such pep in my step after that meeting!! All praise to God.

My friends, I am telling you, you must surround yourself with people who speak life. You must learn how to speak life! Speak life over depression; depression gotta go; speak financial blessings; financial woes, gotta go; speak life over your husband/wife so that marital woes, gotta go; children misbehaving; declare the devil a liar and kick him out; aches and pain, gotta go, lay hands on that body part and that pain gotta go. Just speak life, God is the Healer and Redeemer, that's all I am saying!

The Holy Spirit took me back to some old notes from 2008. My friends, this message is for you who is trying to hang on to just the hem of Jesus' garment; this message is for you if you are speaking life, but not believing what you are speaking. Rev. Travis of Maddoxtown Baptist Church warned, "In your Christian life, if the enjoyment of living has diminished or departed all together, the rememdy is Repentance." Rev. Travis went on
to say that "our Christian lives become diminished because the flesh has fallen." However, praise be to God, "through the power of the Holy Spirit there is deliverance from the flesh." We become stale and when we become stale,that's when our flesh kicks in and we fight with the Holy Spirit (Rev. John Travis). What makes us stale? Rev. Travis said that fatigue makes us stale. When we are fatigued, it is hard to be saintly because we are tired. He said that the side effects of fatigue are depression and disappointment. My friends, when we feel fatigued and dry we should tell God about it; the Holy Spirit can show us where our fault is, but we must practice sincerity in prayer. Rev. Travis - "Sometimes God does not bless us with some things; some times we are the stewards of those things."

My friends, just repent, that's all you have to do. Just say, "Father forgive me and please come and dwell and abide in my life." Amen, Repentance brings healing. Do it today, don't wait for it may be too late then.

To God be the glory.
Therese from Belize

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