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On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Sisters Road To Freedom, Inc. held its second annual women’s conference. This year, the focus was on awareness of domestic violence and encouraging women to get wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in JESUS. 

Maximizing and Supersizing Your Life Potential
Pastor Ramon Smith, pastor of Second Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky cautioned women that just as Hannah (1 Samuel 1) had to deal with her abuser and hater, Peninnah, women also have to deal with the Peninnahs of this world. He encouraged, however, that we must not waste time with haters and abusers.  We must stay focus on what GOD has for us.  Secondly, Pastor Smith reminded us that sometimes we impose limitations on our very selves and then we become anxious and depressed.  Self-imposed limitations stop us from getting to where God wants to take us.  He says that GOD has given us purpose but because we are too comfortable in the “normalcy” we get lost in the crowd and we do nothing to maximize our potential.  For with God nothing shall be impossible so we must not be content with where we are today.  The God we serve is big and HE wants us to be big and do big things for HIS glory and honor.  Pastor Smith cautioned women that if you are in a relationship and you and your partner do not pray together, then that may not be the relationship you want to be in. How do we maximize our life potential? We do so by taking our faith to another level.  We need to set off some dynamites in our lives.  That is, destroy anything that is keeping us from serving God wholeheartedly.
How Do We Deal With The Trouble?
Pastor Stacey McDonald, pastor of Chambers Avenue Christian Church of Georgetown, Kentucky took us to the next level.  Pastor McDonald stated that sometimes we go through the test, but still do not come out with a testimony. She said this is so because we do not let go. Or even when we say we let go, we go back and take it away from God.  We can get our testimony when that test no longer boils in our stomach, when we no longer cringe at the very thought of the thing or person that did us wrong.  Pastor McDonald warned women that we must always keep our minds focused on God. The mind can take control of our thoughts and we become slave to the mind instead of the mind being our slave.  We must take the thought in captivity; we must speak God’s Word daily and not allow distraction to take us off course. For a believer, we must have peace of mind.  
Overcoming Abuse 
Judge Lucinda Masterton, Family Court Judge, Fayette County Circuit Court, gave a powerful testimony of overcoming abuse.  Judge Masterton suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-husband.  It was not physical but psychological abuse.  She spoke to the women to let them know that psychological abuse is one of the worst forms of abuse because there is no outward signs, nothing physical, and so sometimes people think you are crazy when you tell them about what is happening in your home or what your spouse is doing in the home.  A woman can overcome abuse, encouraged Judge Masterton. It does not have to keep you in bondage.  Judge Masterton reminded the women: Seek help; keep the channels of communication open with family and friends no matter if the abuser tries to control who you speak to or where you go. 

The conference was wrapped up with women taking all their hurt and their pain at the altar and giving it all to God.  We made a promise that we gave it to God and so we will not take it back from God. We believe that every hurt, every mess, every situation have been healed in the name of Jesus.  Women will continue to walk in freedom because who the SON sets free is free indeed.

In Christ's love,
Therese from Belize

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