Monday, October 12, 2009

Who or What is Your "Lot"?

My friends, I pray all is well with you!

I had the pleasure of finally listening to one of Lic. Marc Logan's sermon. Lic. Logan's sermon was titled, What Do You Do When You Are Carrying A "Lot"? Lic. Logan suggested that a "Lot" can be more than a person; Lot can be male or female; Lot can be anything or something; Lot can be any place; and, he even suggested that Lot is or can be a leach. Lic. Logan brought my attention to Genesis chapters 12 and 13. For today's message, I paid particular attention to Genesis 13:5 which says, "During this time, Lot was traveling with Abram..." The scriptures show us that Lot was "with". Lot was not a leader and when we have a "Lot" in our lives, we must learn to let that Lot go.

My friends, God gives as a promise that if we leave behind anyone and anything that makes us sin and that are not of Him, just as He promised Abram, He promises us to bless us and to make us a blessing to others. My friends, I ask that you examine your life and get rid of that Lot in your life. Lic. Logan even suggested that Lot is a leach. As children of God, we must have the spiritual fortitude to let Lot go. I know it is not easy to let go, but if we are to be obedient to God we must let go. I know that it is very difficult letting go of our weaknesses, however, I can tell you that when you start to trust and obey God, that is, being in total obedience, you will find it much easier in letting go of Lot. I had to let go of several "Lots" in my life -- people, places and things. At first, yes, I walked around with my head down, I felt lonely, I felt like I couldn't do without Lot, I felt useless, Lot even got me in a depressed state, but the devil is a liar because the more I got into God's Word, the more I surrounded myself with anointed people, and the more I prayed and obeyed God, glory, God just opened up the gates of blessings and began pouring out His favor over my life,I forgot about Lot. Thank you Lord.

So, what do you do when you are carrying a Lot? My friends, let me be real with you--you need to let Lot go. Plain, but not so simple, right? Yes, I know you are saying, you have tried, but it is not working, or what will your friends or family say about you. Who cares what anyone says about you? What is important is what God thinks about you. Just take your Lot to the Lord in prayer. Keep praying, keep praying, keep obeying, keep believing, keep interceding. Let God handle that battle with Lot for you. Hebrews 6:11 reassures me that being like those who through faith and patience, I will receive what God has promised, that is, eternal life in Heaven!

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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