Friday, September 18, 2009

From the Heart

My friends:

I tell you, the devil does not take a break much less a holiday. He partakes in his mischief morning, noon and night and every hour, minute and second of the day. Sometimes, I can say I am prepared for him, but sometimes, he takes me by surprise, and I tell you, these last couple days, he has truly tried to get me. I am staying prayed up, I am staying faithful, and I am staying strong. You see, he is mad because I have been given a blessing. Every time the Lord blesses us, the devil is right around the corner to try and mess us up because he is mad. What God has given me, I am telling you, the devil is not going to take it away from me, because he is a liar, yes, he is. I have already declared to him that I am reaping the harvest that God has promised me, taking back everything that he has stole from me.

Psalm 57:1, wrote by David, be merciful to me, God, be merciful to me because I come to you for protection. My friends, I can only call on God to be merciful to me and to help me. I give the Lord the battles the devil is trying to make me fight, but I am not ashamed to say, I am not a fighter, so I give it to the Lord. I know He will take care of all my battles for me. Thank you Lord.

My friends, sometimes it seems that trouble comes to us at every turn, but be assured that God is waiting on us for us to call to Him. That's what I am doing, calling on the Lord. You do the same.

Take care.
Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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