Thursday, September 3, 2009

Speak Life

Hello, my friends:

God is all merciful and wonderful to us! To God be the glory. I am so happy, I have an unexplainable joy in me, hallelujah!

My friends, I am being ministered to everyday by songs of praise and worship. I have already told you I listen to XM Channel 33, the Praise Channel, but I have this one christian reggae CD that I now play over and over in my car. The one song that keeps replaying in my head is the song, I Speak Life, by Donald Lawrence. I believe God wants me to spread this message of life and that we must speak life over our lives and over the lives of our children.

In these hard times, job loss, loss of family and friends, depression, frustration, anxiety, anger, sickness, prostitution, drugs, HIV, AIDS, cancer, foreclosure, bankruptcy, whatever it may be, we need to speak life over ourselves. We need to know that God promises us life, an abundant life if we only believe and trust in Him. My friends, I speak blessings over your life. I speak health, happiness, joy, peace, love, I speak the fruit of the spirit over your lives. I speak truth that you will get in accord with God's way and His blessings will pour out on your life. Get in agreement with me and begin to speak life. Speak Life, over yourself and over those you love.

Donald Lawrence sings, "I speak life, don't give up the fight for your life, you shall live and not die. I speak life to your spirit, life to your soul, God bless your spirit, by His word we were made whole, fight for your life, you shall live and not die." I speak life, you do the same. I often ask my son to repeat to me what his package is that God has blessed him with. I speak life over him. His package: he loves God, he is smart, he is handsome, he is talented, he is a student-athlete, he can do any and everything. My friends, you need to do the same with your children, if you are not already speaking life over their lives. Affirm over their lives that they have a package. Let them know that they have a package given to them by God.

We need to start speaking life over ourselves because the devil is busy I say, busy.
The scripture for this message comes from Titus 2:3, "..teach older women to be holy in their behavior, not speaking against others or enslaved to too much wine, but teaching what is good. Verse 6, "...encourage young men to be wise. In every way be an example of doing good deeds." Verse 14 "...He gave himself up for us so He might pay the price to free us from all evil and to make us pure people who belong only to Him, people who are always wanting to do good deeds." Speak life my friends, speak life, do not give up, be encouraged, stay encouraged, be steadfast, pray, fast, pray, fast, read the Word, but do not give up on life. Remember, God sent his only begotten Son on this earth to die for our sins. Christ was crucified, He died, He was buried, but on the third day He rose from the grave. Thank you Father. We must speak life, no ands, buts, maybes about it, we need to speak life.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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