Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Are The Real Women?

My dear friends, I pray all is well.

Today, I thank God for the real women HE has placed in my life. You see, friends, real women have certain characteristics, they are anointed and gifted women, they are "real" as the word implies.

Senior Pastor Jon Weece of Southland Christian Church had indicated to his congregation that real women have four distinct characteristics:
1) Real Women follow Jesus. These women follow Jesus in their attitude and actions. Real women get other women together in prayer and fellowship. They pray steadfastly, they have faith, and they encourage other women.
Rev. Dr. Cecilia Williams-Bryant had said that God’s women will not substitute conference for action. God’s women must not sanitize sin just to satisfy our own discrepancies; God’s women are resilience, have vision and courage.

My friends, bottom line is that if we are truly God’s women, we must speak what God wants us to speak, we must speak with love, our action must be of love and out of love. We must be sincere in our actions and with our words, and we must encourage and inspire other women instead of trying to bring them down.

2) Real Women are modest. To be modest means that one is free from vanity or conceit. Women who are modest have inside beauty and they are mysterious. Women who are modest know how to evangelize and speak life over others.

My grandmother used to tell me all the time, it does not matter how ugly you are on the outside, what’s important is how beautiful your inside is. When your inside is beautiful it outshines the outside’s ugliness. Rev. Williams-Bryant said a God’s woman who is modest is free from oppression and does not oppress her neighbor and the environment; she practices prophetic intervention. Rev. Williams-Bryant said that prophetic intervention is an at-risk procedure but it will open the gates of heaven. I agree with Rev. Williams-Bryant. It is an at-risk procedure, but I will take that risk over and over and over and I will continue to declare and claim everything in the name of Jesus.

3) Real Women are content. Contented women are not jealous, not competitive, not prone to gossip, not materialistic, don’t hold grudges. Women who are content have a joy in them. Content women will walk away from situations that would cause them to question their integrity and character.
My friends, to be content is to know Thy Word. God's Word should be so planted in our hearts that no man, or woman, will be able to sway or persuade us to do the things of this world that we know are not pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

4) Real Women want to be romanced. Women want to be cuddled, held, kissed, listen to; learn about them from them; a woman’s well-being is fueled by conversation. Amen to this. In fact earlier I thought about the kind of marriage that I will have. My husband-to-be is very busy, he is a very busy fellow and so, since I humble myself as a real woman, I know that there will have to be some time for the two of us, just the two of us, watching a movie, singing together, dancing together, or just simply having chitchats about nothing!

Sisters, are you a real woman? If you are not, then get on board, give up the things of this world, be one with God and start doing what God wants you to do. Be a woman of God and intercede, pray, fast, read the Word, run this race and do not give up, lean unto the Lord for understanding; trust and depend on the Lord in all you say and do; believe in the power of prayer. Real women bring other women to the kingdom of God. Real women are not ashamed to speak of God's goodness and grace and mercy over their lives.

If you have been fence hopping, fence sitting, backsliding, and even just pretending, I pray that you get in agreement with God and become a real woman of God. It is easy to become a woman of God, all it takes is the forgiveness of your sins, and walking in the light, instead of darkness.

God bless,

Therese from Belize


  1. Real woman of God I thank for this great message. We as women of God must strive to be the women that called us to be.. It is time to take of our cross and follow after the thing of God.. It is time we realize it is not about us but bringing souls into the Kingdom Of God and it start with our families we must put a stop to the devil taking what is righfully ours and destroying the lifes right in front of our faces. I declare and decree that our families will be saved this year by the power and authority of God. Satan you have got to turn them a loose and let them go in Jesus's name..


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