Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life's Rut Will Put You In A Coma

My dear friends:

To God be the glory!

My friends, there is a song in my mind, bills, bills everyday, bills, bills, you've gotta pay, water pay, light pay, income pay..... so much bills to pay.... That's right. I would suggest that nearly all of us, if not all, have bills to pay. However, some of us can handle the payments, some of us cannot. When we get overwhelmed with bills, along with the other life challenges, some of us go in a rut, a deep, deep rut. When we put ourselves in a rut, it is the most difficult thing to come out of, believe me because I have been there, done that. When life's rut gets you down, you go in to a coma, a spiritual coma, Bishop Jakes calls it. A spiritual coma, according to Bishop Jakes, is a stage one goes in when you give up on life. You get in a spiritual coma and do not want to be encouraged. The self-pity and self-abuse are the way of life at this comatose stage. However, the good news, my friends, is that as children of God, there is a way to get out of that coma. It is through salvation, by the grace of God. We just need to call on the name of the Lord, pray and believe that God will deliver us out of life's rut.

Rev. Williams had said that the power of life and death is on our tongue. It is up to us to speak faith and favor over our lives or speak misery and death over our lives. My friends,as soon as we find ourselves slipping into the coma, we need to jump up and down and start praising God. When we find ourselves slipping into a spiritual coma, we must get up quickly and find Jesus, even if we have to run, walk, jump, whatever, but we must find God. We can do this through praising, worshipping, thanksgiving, asking for forgiveness of our sins, but most importantly we must get in the Word of God.

When you slip into a coma, it will take the prayers of many and God's willingness to forgive you and let you overcome. It will also take all your praise and worshipping. God is able and He will see you through, but you must be faithful. You must have faith. Take the example of the woman in Luke 8:40-48. This woman could have gone in a spiritual coma because she was an outcast in her community because of her blood disease that she had for 12 years. She touched the edge of Jesus' coat while He was in Galilee. She was healed because she believed. My friends, we just need to have some faith, we just need to praise the Lord, call on His name and believe that God has anointed our lives.

I hope this message touches someone today. Remember, praise God in advance.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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