Monday, August 3, 2009

Submit to God

Hello my friends:

I tell you, we serve a true and loving God. I am just rejuvenated, cheerful, happy, and joyful because I serve a loving God. My friends, if you submit and wait on the Lord, I promise you, He will always come through for you.

I keep my spirit joyful by getting in the Word, practicing what the Word tells me to do, and also I sing and dance unto the Lord. Of course, I listen to my favorite satellite channel, XM channel 33, The Praise channel.

I was listening to this song by Destiny Praise, titled, His Will.

Destiny Praise sings:
Are you in bondage to the status of nice things
Addicted to the attention and the compliments they bring
Feeling the weight of growing debt with each bill
That's not His Will
That's not His Will

If that's not you then maybe this one's on point
Still need a drink or you gotta smoke one joint
To get thru the pain of all the heartache that you feel
That's not His Will
That's not His Will

It's not a trial, It's not a test
God wants for you, His Best
But not until you submit to His Will

Do you need validation wrapped up in false love
So you sneak out, to the strip club
Knowing that nothing there can ever be for real
That's not His Will
That's not His Will

Maybe you think that you will find it in someone
So you sleep around hoping each time that you're done
But that one is not found and you're still trying to heal
That's not His Will
That's not His Will

It's seems unfair,It's so much stress
God wants for you, His Best
But not until you submit to His Will

He heard your crying tears
He knows your silent fears
He wants to just renew
His relationship with you

Don't be afraid of facing everything inside
Even the guilt, wrapped up in pride
God will step in but He's waiting until
You're in His Will
You're in His Will

Don't you give up, don't settle for less
God wants for you His Best
But not until you submit to His Will
Jesus is waiting to reveal His plan for you for real
But it won't happen
Til you stop and submit to His will

My friends, when you submit to God, He gives you the best of everything. You will see how life becomes much easier. Even when Satan tries to rain on your parade, God will intervene on your behalf because He knows that your heart belongs to Him. My friends, it is not until I submit myself fully to the Lord that I can praise Him even when the devil tries to keep me down.

I ask you today, to submit your life fully to Christ and you will see how everything will fall into place for you. Hebrews 13:8 tells me that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. My friends, when you submit yourself to Christ, he forgives us of our past mistakes, He wipes our slates clean because He created in us a clean heart. Friends and family will be asking you how come you look so happy, how come your finances are lined up, how come you have a sparkle in your eyes, how come you are smiling all the time. I tell you, this is what happens when we submit our lives fully to the Lord. Our past is forgiven, our present is blessed to the max, and our future is bright because we look forward to seeing our Lord. When we submit ourselves to His will, we do not know any other way to live, but to live joyfully! Thank you Lord.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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