Monday, August 17, 2009

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Greetings, my friends:

I hope we have all done something good today for a stranger, whether in words or deeds.

Let me ask you, sometimes don't you want to just hide from God because you know you have said or done something that is not pleasing to God? I am sure it happens to all of us. However, I am not sure why we are so hard-headed in our disobedience to God because God knows exactly what we have done, when, where, why. God already knows what is in our hearts and what is in our minds even before we speak.

David acknowledged to God his guilt because David already knew God was aware of his guilt. In Psalm 69:5, David made the acknowledgement to God, "God, you know what I have done wrong, I cannot hide my guilt from you." My friends, when we think we are running away or hiding from God, we are only fooling ourselves. As disciples, we must learn how to deal with our struggles, our guilt, our demons. We must learn how to obey God's laws. Running away from God and what God wants us to do make us very disobedient. We cannot be leaders if we are not obeying God and respecting our pastor and elders. As disciples, we must set the example for other believers and non-believers. David's psalm in Chapter 139, reminds us that God knows everything. We should be fearing God knowing that He knows everything. My friends, we are only fooling ourselves when we try to run from God.

Stop running way from God. Do as David did in Psalm 139:16, he spoke to God, "...all the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old." You see my friends, God has already mapped out our lives for us. So, you can run all you want, but just know that you cannot hide from God. You see, even the great David was not able to hid himself from God. He knew that God was all around, so he did what any smart person would do, that is, he surrendered his life to Christ. He praised and thank God for making him in an amazing and wonderful way.

My friends, we need to stop running from God, we just need to start thanking Him for making us in His image; we need to thank Him for sending His only Son on this earth to save us from our sins. God's Son, Jesus, was crucified, He died, He was buried, but on the third day He arose from the grave in fulfillment of the Scripture. Thank you Father. To show real thanks to God, why not stop running away from God? Show real thankfulness to God by admitting your guilt, asking for forgiveness, and walk forward in God's path.

All I am saying, do not run anymore. Face your battle head-on knowing that God has already made a way for you.

Be obedient, stay in the Word, and stay prayed up.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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