Monday, July 4, 2011

I AM "B*R*O*K*E*N"

My friends, greetings!

Today, I am rejoicing because I am BROKEN! Yes, a sister once lost now found; a sister who was walking on the wide road of destruction, but crossed over to the narrow road of life!

Rev. Bruce W. Burns, Sr., former Pastor of Keas Tabernacle C.M.E. Church in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky said that women of God are "BROKEN", and I agree with him! Here is why. Friends, Rev. Burns let women know just how broken we are. He said that women of God are BLESSED; REDEEMED; OVERCOMERS; KNOWLEDGEABLE; ENCOURAGERS; NURTURERS. (Rev. Burns, 3rd Annual Keas Tabernacle C.M.E. Church Women's Day Conference) Thank you Lord, and thank you Rev. Burns for that reinforcement.

Even though Rev. Burns were speaking to women, this message is for men too. As children of God, we must realize that whom the Son sets free is free indeed. John 8:36, "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." (KJV) When the Son sets us free, HE breaks us away from those things that bring grief to our Lord. Friends, when we are set free, we have broken away from the things and people that had us in bondage.

We can all be BROKEN -- it requires obedience to God; it requires a prayer life, consistent prayer; it requires trusting and depending on God with all our hearts, minds and souls. When we are BROKEN, we are not ashamed to speak of God's goodness, grace and mercy over our lives.

BLESSED - Psalm 1:1-6
REDEEMED - Psalm 107:2
OVERCOMER - Revelation 12:11
ENCOURAGER - Hebrews 10:24-25
NURTURER - Ephesians 6:4

God bless,
Therese from Belize

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