Friday, July 29, 2011


My friends, greetings to you praying that all is well!

As I get ready to facilitate the first SISTERS ROAD TO FREEDOM, INC.'s women empowerment workshop tomorrow, God shows me just how much HE is in control! I praise HIM for being in control. My friends, every time I look around, HE is blessing me. I praise HIM for HIS continued blessings. God just keeps blessing me with praise reports from friends regarding sicknesses; praise reports regarding doors being opened; praise reports regarding re-dedication of lives to Christ! Glory!! I praise HIM for HIS mercy towards me and towards you!

Today, I went to my bank, PNC Bank, and I met a lady who has returned to God's House! We had an awesome time sharing about God's goodness and mercy towards us. She has been a blessing for me today. As we say at Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, nobody mad but the devil. Heaven has been rejoicing because this Sister is back at home! I am praising God for touching that Sister, for never, ever leaving her. In the name of Jesus, we will continue to bring lost souls back to the Kingdom of God! Satan has no power, no rule over the children of God. I praise God because Satan has to ask for permission to mess with God's children. God has us covered in HIS loving arms.

I am filled with praise. I am filled with gratefulness. I am overwhelmed with joy by God's continued favor over my life and over the lives of many who I have come to know! Thank you Father. I am calling for all my friends who have left the church; those who have given up hope; friends who continue to straddle the fence; friends who are in shame, hurt and pain; friends who need a true and loving FRIEND. Oh yes! I am calling you because I want to introduce you to a man I know. HIS NAME IS JESUS, HIS NAME IS JESUS! Call on HIM, today, HE is waiting to hear from you. Do not delay.

God bless you all,
Therese from Belize

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