Monday, November 30, 2009

I Have Been Redeemed

My friends, I pray all is well. I thank God for His mercy and grace. I know I keep writing about God's mercy and grace, but I am sincerely and eternally grateful to my Lord, my God. I am telling you the truth, if it wasn't for the goodness and mercy and grace of God, I would not be writing these messages in a sound and sane mind, and I certainly would not be living a rich and happy life. Now, don't jump to conclusion here. I am rich with the Holy Ghost, I am rich with happiness and joy and laughter. I don't have money, but I have love, I have joy unspeakable, my lamp is burning. That's God's mercy and grace.

I celebrated my birthday a couple weeks ago and I am not kidding you, it was one of the happiest times of my life. I say so because I was just so excited to be alive. I thought about the numerous people who did not make it that day, those who did not survive to see another day, and those who passed away as the day went on. I just could not help but thank God for His mercy and His grace. The Lord just keeps blessing me, and that's God mercy and grace. As I get older in age, and more mature in my spiritual walk with the Lord, it matters to me to keep giving God glory and thanks for His mercy and His grace.

In my study of the Word, I find time and time again God's goodness and mercy operating in the lives of His believers, those who received salvation, and those God had convicted to turn from sin and do His will. You know, my favorite is the apostle, Paul. Remember, he was Saul before God clipped his wings! Saul was feared by many. Then, there was David who not only committed adultery, but he also murdered an innocent man; what about Moses? I can go on and on about people who fell along the wayside, but got redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Glory.

My friends, I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and my favorite apostle, Paul, reminds me in Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God. It was not the result of your own efforts, so you cannot boast about it." That's right. Now, I urge you to stop with that facade, stop acting like you are waking yourselves up in the morning; stop being selfish towards your brothers and sisters; forgive yourself and forgive others; repent of your sins and you will find yourself laughing more, giving more, loving more, but most of all God will be smiling on you as He keeps providing you with His mercy and grace. You are a fool if you think you know what tomorrow holds. You can receive the free gift of salvation today, all you need to do is ask God for forgiveness of your sins. It is easy as A-B-C. Contact me with any questions or concerns. If you need to get in contact with a Minister of the Word, please contact me and I will refer you to my Pastor.

Ta ta
Therese from Belize


Friday, November 27, 2009

I Give Thanks To The Lord

My friends, greetings!

I thank God for allowing me to provide for my family each and every day. Even though I do not know what the future holds, I continue to pray that God will keep using me to do His work and His will. I give God all the glory and honor for He is worthy to be praised.

I have been singing the song, Give Thanks, a song I used to sing when I was attending Catholic school in Belize. It goes,
"Give thanks with a grateful heart,
Give thanks to the Holy One,
Give thanks for He is given, Jesus Christ, His Son.
And now, let the weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich
Because of what, the Lord has done, for us
Give thanks."

Psalm 107:1 reminds me to give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever. I give thanks to the Lord our God for all that He has done for me. If it wasn't for God's grace and mercy, I do not know where I would be today. I thank God for my sanity, I thank God for my family; I thank God for each and every blessing He has bestowed upon me in the past, in the present, and I thank Him in advance for the blessing that He will bestow upon me in the future.

My friends, I have to give thanks to God our Lord because when no one understood me, He did; when people gave up on me; God didn't give up on me; He walked with me every step of the way. I give God all the thanks and all the glory because He is the one that saved my soul. God gave me a free gift, that is, the gift of salvation. For that, I am eternally grateful and thankful.

Be blessed,
Therese from Belize

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Will Trust The Lord

My friends, I pray all is well with you. I give God all the honor and glory for He is my light and my salvation! I thank God for His mercy and grace. I thank God that He forgives me for all my shortcomings.

As I prepare for the new work week, I am declaring that the devil is liar. On Friday, I read Mayor Newberry's press release about the possibility of lay-offs, pay reduction, furloughs, elimination of city programs. As I keep on reading the release, I began to think about the "what-ifs" instead of praying to the Lord. You know, I began to think about what if I get lay off, how how will I pay my mortgage, pay the bills, put food on the table, pay the after-school program. My mind just raced on and on and on about the "what-ifs". However, once I got home and I relaxed I went to the Word. I was not about to let the devil had his way with me on a Friday evening, and being that it was my birthday too. The devil is a liar. I began to praise the Lord because I am a living witness of God's goodness and mercy. I am living witness of how God opens doors when there seems to be no way out.

The Spirit led me to Psalm 145:14-15, "The Lord helps those who have been defeated and takes care of those who are in trouble. All living things look to You for food, and You give it to them at the right time. You open Your hand and You satisfy all living things." Psalm 145:17-19 says, "Everything the Lord does is right. He is loyal to all He has made. The Lord is close to everyone who prays to Him, to all who truly pray to Him. He gives those who respect Him what they want. He listens when they cry, and He saves them." I put all my hope and trust in the Lord. I will keep trusting in the Lord because He has the final say. I will keep praising the Lord, I will keep believing in the Lord, I will keep praying to the Lord because He is the head of my household. I know that my help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and earth!

To God be the glory. I pray to the Lord that as I return to my workplace, I will be able to share a word of encouragement with my fellow co-workers. I pray that the Lord will use me to do His will in the workplace. I give the Lord my worries and my burden, because the Bible tells me so. Jesus says, "Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust in me." John 14:1.

My friends, please pray for me and I will pray for you. I ask God for continued strength and courage as I go on serving Him. I will keep on serving the Lord while I am waiting. I trust you will do the same.

Peace and love
Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stay In Compliance

My friends, God is worthy to be praised!

You know, when we stay focused in God's Word we become compliant to what is expected of us. Simon Peter, Jesus's apostle, in 2 Peter 1:3 tells us that God has given us everything we need to live and to serve Him. So, now that we know that we are in compliance, how do we stay compliant to the will of God? 2 Peter 1:5-7 tells us that because we have God's blessings and favor, we must do our best to add these things to our lives:
"add faith to your virtre; "to your faith, add goodness;
and to virtue, knowledge; to your goodness, add knowledge;
and to knowledge, tempterance; to your knowledge, add self-control;
and to temperance, patience; to your self-control, add patience;
and to patience, godliness; to your patience, add love."

Peter tells us that if all these things are in us, and are growing, they will help us to be useful and productive in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. To God Be The Glory!

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


To God be the glory, I serve an awesome God!

We serve an amazing, merciful and gracious God who loves us despite our failures, our past, our shortcomings. I know that my future is not defined by my past, I see it everyday, I am living it everyday, in fact, I look forward to my future, if God's willing! Tonight I had a meeting with a group of women and I tell you, it is just amazing how God brings people together for His purpose. We were on one accord. These women gave me the encouragement to press forward in doing God's work. I even came back home with such pep in my step after that meeting!! All praise to God.

My friends, I am telling you, you must surround yourself with people who speak life. You must learn how to speak life! Speak life over depression; depression gotta go; speak financial blessings; financial woes, gotta go; speak life over your husband/wife so that marital woes, gotta go; children misbehaving; declare the devil a liar and kick him out; aches and pain, gotta go, lay hands on that body part and that pain gotta go. Just speak life, God is the Healer and Redeemer, that's all I am saying!

The Holy Spirit took me back to some old notes from 2008. My friends, this message is for you who is trying to hang on to just the hem of Jesus' garment; this message is for you if you are speaking life, but not believing what you are speaking. Rev. Travis of Maddoxtown Baptist Church warned, "In your Christian life, if the enjoyment of living has diminished or departed all together, the rememdy is Repentance." Rev. Travis went on
to say that "our Christian lives become diminished because the flesh has fallen." However, praise be to God, "through the power of the Holy Spirit there is deliverance from the flesh." We become stale and when we become stale,that's when our flesh kicks in and we fight with the Holy Spirit (Rev. John Travis). What makes us stale? Rev. Travis said that fatigue makes us stale. When we are fatigued, it is hard to be saintly because we are tired. He said that the side effects of fatigue are depression and disappointment. My friends, when we feel fatigued and dry we should tell God about it; the Holy Spirit can show us where our fault is, but we must practice sincerity in prayer. Rev. Travis - "Sometimes God does not bless us with some things; some times we are the stewards of those things."

My friends, just repent, that's all you have to do. Just say, "Father forgive me and please come and dwell and abide in my life." Amen, Repentance brings healing. Do it today, don't wait for it may be too late then.

To God be the glory.
Therese from Belize

Monday, November 16, 2009

Helping Other Women

Greetings, my friends, in the name of Jesus!

I am writing today with a heart that has been enduring. An enduring heart because I believe and trust in Christ. I know that whatever struggles of every kind -sickness, financial, marital, psychological and even biological, we meet, we must learn how to exchange them with God. When we exchange our burdens with God, we are getting rid of our pride, shame and fear. We are set free, we are delivered by the blood of the Lamb. I do not know if you are experiencing the same thing as I am, but it just seems lately that women are really being tried by the devil. However, the Lord wants me to tell you that He is a Deliverer, He will set you free from all bondage and shame. Ephesians 3:20, "With God's power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask for or imagine."

My friends, I have a "birthing" within me that has been churning, that has been turning, that has been swirling and I cannot wait to see how God will use me or for what He will use me. I just thank God for His mercy and His grace, for His divine intervention in my life and in the lives of the women around me. I don't know when, where or how, but I know that God is getting ready to use me mightily and for that I want to thank the Lord in advance.

Dr. Ellen Mormon of Asbury Seminary encouraged us as women that we should provide encouragement, commitment, time and energy to other women, to those less fortunate than us, to those who are struggling in their spiritual life; to those who are trying to get out of abusive relationships. My friends, we read about numerous women in the Bible who had uncompromising faith; those who helped other women. There were the prophetess, Anna (she fasted, she prayed, she was always preaching and talking about Jesus); Mary and Martha (the two sisters who loved Jesus, they invited other women to their house to listen to Christ teach); Lois and Eunice (Timothy's Mom and Grandmother, two women who loved the Lord and had undeniable faith); Huldah the prophetess, who helped people to understand what the Bible means); Elizabeth and Mary (these two women encouraged each other during their time of pregnancies).

Rev. Maxine Thomas, in her Bible study, a Series of Fortunate Events, said that as women we must look for a sister to encourage and inspire because as women, we need to encourage one another. Rev. Thomas said that as women when we get "pregnant" in the Spirit, no one can take away that pregnancy so we must not feel or act threatened by other women, but instead we must reach out to them. We must stop neglecting and failing to accept another sister's divinity.

My friends,I am praying for my exodus, I am praying for your exodus, I am praying for our exodus. Exodus, taught Rev. Tina Findley, is a season of exchange. A season where women can exchange all the bad into something good.

We declare:

My friends, you can lean on me. The Bible shows us how young Timothy leaned on Paul for guidance, mentoring, and help as he carried out the Lord's will.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Can I Get A Witness?"

My friends, I give God all the glory and honor and His name is worthy to be praise.

I was one of several in the congregation that was asked by Rev. Moore of the First African Baptist Church, "Can I Get A Witness?". I answered then and I am answering now, yes, I am a witness. Rev. Moore had defined a witness as one who testifies of something to be true. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a witness as one who has personal knowledge of something. I am a witness for the Lord because I have personal, first-hand knowledge and experience of what the Lord has done in my life; I am a witness because I am a recipient of the miracles that the Lord has performed in my life. I give truthful accounts of where and what I used to be before the Lord touched me and changed me. I am not ashamed to tell folk about the life of sin I used to be tangled up in before the Lord finally cracked the whip on me. Oh I can testify what a difference my life has been since God came into my life! I am witness because people who knew me back then and see the way I live my life now, know that I have been redeemded by the blood of the Lord. So now, you can understand that I am a witness for the Lord.

Rev. Moore said that a witness must have heard of God; must have felt the Lord, must have experience the Lord for himself/herself. We must know who Jesus is; know who God is; know who the Word is, and know deep down in the depths of our souls about the experiences with the Lord. He said being a witness for Christ requires four things of us:
1) We must be willing to work for the Lord;
2) We must be willing to work together;
3) We must be willing to work through dangers, toils and snares; and
4) We must be willing and obedient to go wherever the world needs us.

My friends, many of us are too ashamed to be a witness for Christ, but we must be obedient to the Lord and be a witness for Him. Mark 16:15 gives us the assignment to be a witness for the Lord. Verse 15, "Jesus said to His followers, 'Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone'." As recipients of God's love and mercy and grace and countless miracles and blessings in our lives, we should be serving the Lord, we should be testifying to others who do not know the Lord. We should be working together in spreading the good news of our Lord. We should be witnesses just as we see in the Bible repeatedly the disciples working together, we see Paul working with young Timothy, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Silas. As witnesses, we must love one another; we must go out with one another to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

A witness for the Lord works through dangers, toils and snares. Rev. Moore said that there is an adversary, the devil. He does not want us to be witnesses for the Lord, so he does anything and everything to stop us, but we must always know that we serve a great God and even when the devil tries to shut us down, he cannot shut us up! My friends, I pray you will join me in becoming a witness for Christ. We must be witnesses not only in the church, but outside of the church. That's where God wants us. We need to be bringing people to Christ through our testimonies. We need to reach people the world over. Therefore, I pray that you be not ashamed to tell others of the goodness of God; do not be disobedient to the will of God; go out and tell the world of the goodness of the Lord; tell the world of a Lord who is loving and merciful. My friends, if ever God calls upon you to serve outside of your comfort zone, please be obedient and submit to God's will.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Commission and Assignment from God

This has been such a blessed week for me. All praises to God. I pray your week has been blessed as well.

Let me tell you, the devil was aware of God's mandate to me for this week, that is, that I attend Mt. Calvary's Fall Revival to keep my spirit revived, to keep my spirit refreshed, to hear a Word that would be taught just for me and to me. So, despite the fact that the devil has been roaming about in my household this week, God, my redeemder, God my Savior, God my Father, poured out His love and mercy and grace towards me, and I was able to attend the Revival. You see, the devil has no hold over my life or that of my children's, in the name of Jesus. The devil is a liar and he must know that as for me and my household we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). Okay, the devil got the message.

My friends, I don't know about you, but ever since I started studying the Word (instead of just reading), I have been on this euphoric road!! This euphoria helps me in my walk with Christ. It helps me in my commission to the Lord. When the devil tries to get to me, tries to distract me, tries to discourage me, tries to break me, I am still able to keep going, I am still able to keep testifying about the goodness of God, I am still able to sing praises unto to God. I am strong enough to keep on praising God, keep on studying the Word of God, keep on teaching about the goodness of God. I just love being a student of the Word. I get so excited when I get the opportunity to sit in on a lesson being taught by some great teachers of the Word. Sunday I was taught by Rev. Williams where he held class at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Midway (A Job Description For The Church, Matthew 4:23-24). Monday, I drove down Todds Road, on my way to Mt. Clavary church all excited, got there and then oops..; Tuesday, I was taught by Rev. Travis (Burn, Baby Burn, Exodus 3:1-10); Wednesday by Rev. Moore (Can I Get A Witness, Mark 16:15-18); and Thursday by Bishop Carter (The Difference That Jesus Makes; It is Time To Rise Up, Luke 5:17-24). God is an amazing God. My friends, I cannot even explain in words to you how much the Spirit is swirling inside of me!! To God be the glory!!

Studying God's Word just brings great joy and peace to my soul. I am excited about carrying out God's commission and assignment. I love serving the Lord and I pray that God continues to use me to be a witness for Him, an effective witness, one who will bring a lost soul back to Christ.

Oh what a difference God has made in my life. My friends I can tell you that since I got serious about my Christian walk and faith:
I don't walk like I used to walk;
I don't talk like I used to talk;
I don't live like I used to live;
I don't give like I used to give.
God made the difference in my life.

Be blessed.
Therese from Belize

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time To Get Revived

My friends, I pray all is well with you and your family. I thank God that my home church, Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, is having its Fall Revival this week. The Lord knows a revival of my spirit is exactly what I need. I don't know about your household, but I can tell you the devil has been very busy, trying to steal my joy, messing with my finances, poking my children's sides. I have news for Satan. You see, I know because I know that I serve a true and loving God, a faithful God, an awesome God and He is with me every step of the way. My friends,a revival of my spirit is exactly what I need and I pray that God hears my cry.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "revival" as renewed attention to or interest in something. I pray that the Lord gives me renewed attention to His Word and that I continue to work joyfully for the Lord. I turn to Psalm 51:10-13, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore onto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy way and sinner shall be converted unto Thee." I thank God for this revival. God is giving me a chance to get back on track with Him; God is giving me a chance to submit to His will and stay in obedience.

My friends, if you feel alone, if you feel that God is not hearing your cry, if you are frustrated and depressed and anxious, I pray and I trust that you will turn to the Lord. It may be time for your revival. A revival of the heart, the mind and the soul is what I pray the Lord brings my way.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

Monday, November 9, 2009

Longing For God

God is my light and my salvation!

I thank the Lord for giving me life. I give all thanks to God who is my provider, my redeemer, my encourager, my defender, my Father. As David thirst for God, so do I.

I turn today to Psalm 19:7-8, "The teachings of the Lord are perfect; they give new strength. The rules of the Lord can be trusted; they make plain people wise. The orders of the Lord are right; they make people happy. The commands of the Lord are pure; they light up the way." Glory to God.

My friends, when we study the Word of God, it gives us wisdom, hope and encouragement to keep walking in the path of the Lord. When we long for God and depend on Him, our lives become much easier. Our situations become much more manageable, and we begin to see much clearer. We see miracles working in our lives; we see families coming together as one. I long for our Lord Jesus Christ because I know only He can give me comfort; I long for the Lord because only God provides for me; I long for the Lord our God because He is my rock.

My friends, I long for our Lord Jesus Christ and I pray that as I attend Mt. Calvary's Fall Revival, my spirit will get refreshed, my body re-energized and my mind rejuvenated.

May God bless you,
Ta ta
Therese from Belize

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surround Yourself With The Anointed

God is truly an awesome God!

Rev. Felix G. Williams, III, had preached earlier this year, at the Easter service, that as Christians we should be surrounding ourselves with anointed folk. Well, my friends, the Lord knows I am trying, and I believe that is the reason I came across a certain website.

You see, I had attended Sisters Keeping The Covenant Conference and I met Rev. Maxine Thomas. Rev. Thomas is a woman who is on fire for the Lord. The women's conference was such a blessing to me, I left there feeling rejuvenated, excited, and I wanted to do more in my walk with Christ. I wanted to follow up on those conference topics. I began to do research on women in ministry, and I came across Rev. Angela Lee Price's website,

My friends, I can tell you that ever since I visited Rev. Price's website, I have become even more excited about my service to God. This woman is an anointed servant of God. Her blogs, the "groups" such as Clean Up Woman, The Prayer of the Righteous, the discussion topics on her site, and just everyday conversation with her give me encouragement to keep doing what I am doing. She also encourages me to keep on going in my walk with Christ.

My friends, Proverbs 13:20 says, "He who walks with the wise, grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." When we surround ourselves with anointed and wise people, we ourselves get wise and God will anoint us as we keep doing what He wants us to do. Proverbs 14:7 warns us to keep away from fools because they can't teach us anything. The apostle, Paul, in 2 Thessalonians 3:6, commands us to keep away and withdraw ourselves from every person that walketh disorderly and who does not follow the teachings they have been given.

I don't know about you, but I know that I will continue to walk in obedience and keep surrounding myself with those who love and follow the teachings of the Lord. I am not talking about those who have one foot in the door and the other foot out. I am talking about my brothers and sisters in Christ who have both feet in the door. I am talking about those disciples who speak life. I am talking about my brothers and sisters who teach about God's free gift to us, salvation.

I am surrounding myself with people who are anointed. I pray you will find the courage and strength to separate yourselves from those who are walking in darkness and disobedience. May God continue to bless and keep you.
Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Holiness That God Requires

Greetings, in the name of Jesus!

My friends, you know I speak what is on my mind and I tell what God has placed on my heart. Doing so has caused others to say I am judgmental, I think I am better, I am Ms. Holy ..... oh no, not at all. I am just a sinner saved by God's grace, a sinner who knows what the Word tells me I must do and how I must do it. I am writing this message with boldness, not arrogance or judgment because God is our judge.

Friends, I cannot call myself a follower of Jesus Christ, knowing what God's Word tells me, yet, just sit back and not address what I see around me, that is, the "sanitization of sin". Yes, the sanitization of sin that Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant had addressed a couple years ago to women at the Sisters Keeping the Covenant Conference.

It is alarming how even in the church we turn a blind eye to adultery, abuse of spouse, divorce, backbiting, lying, and we can go on and on. However, what concerns and distresses me the most is that we hide these issues under the rug, no one tells that person, "hey, that is wrong becuase the Word tells us it is wrong." We hide the issues, we sanitize these issues by finding excuses. This weekend, I could not help but think what Dr. Williams would say to us today. Lord help us.

I recall a Sunday School lesson titled, "A Holy People". This lesson was written and summarized by Dr. Phyllis Jones. In her summary of the lesson, Dr. Jones wrote, "God desires that all believers live a holy life." She further summarized that some may view this as difficult, if not impossible, in contemporary society because modern culture often contradicts the holiness God requires. (Dr. Phyllis Jones, A Holy People)

What is the holiness that God requires? The holiness that God requires is found in 1 Peter 1:13-23. God requires:
1) for us to have self-control (v13);
2) that we be obedient children of God, not living as we did in the
past (v14);
3) us to be holy in all we do, just as God, the One who called us,
is holy (v15);
4) for us to be holy. "As it is written in the Scriptures: 'You must be
holy because I am holy.'"(v16);
5) that we should live with respect for God v17);
6) that we do not live in a worthless way because we are saved from that
useless life (v18);
7) that because we were bought not with gold and silver, but with the
precious blood of Christ, who was like a pure and perfect lamb, so
must we (v19);
8) for us to have true love for our Christian brothers and sisters. So we
must love each other deeply with all our heart (v22).

The Christian life, stated Dr. Jones, requires turning from evil, and a desire to be holy. My friends, we cannot be a holy people if we are engaged in and with unholy things. Holy things we know are not popular, but why not let us set that trend? The more we live a holy life, the more the world will retreat from their evil ways and follow us. God wants us to respect Him, have love for each other, and to live in a Christ-like manner. We cannot be obedient to the Lord if we are sanitizing sin, that is, tunring a blind eye to the evil that is taking place in our churches, in our homes, in our society.

I urge you to read 1 Peter 1:13-23. We find that Peter is encouraging us in our Christian walk to have respect and love for God, for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters. Remember, John 15:19 tells us, "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." (KJV) and then our dear brother, Paul, in Ephesians 6:12 warns us, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (KJV) Amen, amen.

Iti s high time for us to stand up and make the unpopular choice, nevertheless, it is God's choice. Glory.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fix It Jesus

My friends, to God be the glory!

Rev. Dr. Felix G. Williams, III preached a sermon titled, Pick Me. He was preaching about the man who was sick for 38 years who was lying by the pool called Bethesda, which is near Sheep Gate, and Jesus saw the man and He knew the man had been sick for such a long time. Jesus asked the man, "Do you want to be well?" The man answered Jesus that he had no one to help him put him in the pool, and Jesus told him, "Rise, take up thy bed and walk." (John 5:1-8)

As Rev. Williams was preaching about this impotent man, I was praying for the Lord to pick me. I was praying for the Lord to show up and tell me to get up and walk. I heard Rev. said that we would have to wait because today is his day for God to pick him, but I just kept praying that the Lord pick me. I asked the Lord to pick me because I need fixing right there and then; I have so much in my life that need fixing; I know so many people that need fixing. So, I was asking the Lord to pick me and fix it; fix my mind; fix my family; fix my finances; fix my friends; fix my heart; just fix everything that needs fixing.

Rev. Williams preached that Jesus does not care how long it has been that we need fixing, as long as we ask God to pick us and to fix it for us, God will do so right there and then. When God picks us and He fixes us, our failures of the past stay in the past. Rev. Williams reminded the congregation that God could fix in one day what we have been dealing with for many, many years. Thank you Father.

My friends, I can tell you that when Jesus fixes us, we can feel the heavy burden just being unloaded from off our backs. We can stand up straighter, we feel lighter, and everything about us just gets and feels "lighter". I am not using any excuses to not get fixed. I know the Lord wants to fix me. Rev. Williams preached that an excuse is a choice to believe in past experiences instead of future possibilities. I know I serve a true and living God, and He tells me that I am redeemed by the blood of the lamb. To God be the glory.

My friends, the scripture in John 5 shows us that it does not matter how long we have been suffering, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally; as long as we have faith to wait until the Lord picks us to fix us. Rev. Williams said waiting is refusing to make a permanent decision out of a temporary situation. We serve an awesome God and He is the fixer and healer of all things. What a mighty God we serve!

Peace and Love,
Therese from Belize

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Striving Towards A Christ-like Attitude

Glory to God! All praise and glory to God our Father who made Heaven and earth!

I am following up on the previous blog because our Sunday school topic was "A Holy People". I thank God for reaffirming the messages in my heart. It is written in 1 Peter 14-15, "As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do." Peter goes on in verse 22 to remind us, "Now that you have made your souls pure by obeying the truth, you can have true love for your Christian brothers and sisters. So love each other deeply with all your heart."

My friends, when we are born again in Christ, we should love our brothers and sisters just as Christ loves us. As Christians, we are charged with telling others about the goodness of Jesus Christ, we are charged with encouraging and lifting up our brothers and sisters when they are down and ready to give up.

As Peter tells us in verse 9, "But you are a chosen people, royal priests, a holy nation, a peole for God's own possession. You were chosen to tell about the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light."

For this, I thank God for bringing me out of darkness, and I pray that I do the things God want me to do as I strive to live my life in a Christ-like way. My friends, as the end of this year is drawing to a close, I challenge you to start having an attitude of love and peace towards your fellow brothers and sisters. I ask for continued prayer, pray for me and I will pray for you.

God bless,
Therese from Belize

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