Friday, June 12, 2009


Greetings to my friends:
The message for today is taken from Philippians 2, do not let selfishness or pride be your guide.

Yep, think about those two words for a second ...selfishness .... pride. Those are two words that as Christians we should try and eliminate from our lives. I know that as single parents, many of us are full of pride, maybe not selfishness, but definitely pride. We don't want to ask anyone for help because we think people will look down on us, but what I have experienced growing up in Belize is that my parents were not proud or selfish people. My mom worked as a domestic worker and at the time, my father was doing odd jobs, so we received a lot of help from people (shoes, clothes, food, scholarships, books). If my mother was proud, we would not have been able to get shoes on our feet to go to school, or food on our table to eat many days. I thank God for those people who helped my family.

I don't know about you, but I surely get a joy when I give. If you say you want to help someone, then help from the goodness of your heart; if you need something, ask. Of course, be careful of who you ask because many people say "oh, I want to help, I want to give", but you know what, they talk about what they give you and they talk about who they help. But, believe me, God sees those actions and is not pleased.

God is pleased with us when we give cheerfully, when we are kind, when we are unselfish in our deeds and in our actions. I know as a single parent living in the United States, many times people ask me how I do it, how come I am financially stable, how come I can buy a house, how come I can provide for my family without stressing. My simple answer is that God rules over my life. God hears my cry for help and God sees that I rely on Him for my every need. God sees that when I need help, I am not ashame to ask; pride has no place in my life. Of course, I know who to ask and who not to ask for help.

When you are living for God, you seek Him first and ask. Do not be selfish, do not be proud. You must praise God in good times and in bad times. Ask God to be the provider of your household, ask Him to bless your finances, ask him to open up a way to pay off those bills, ask Him to send someone your way that will be a blessing to you and you to them.

Today, I pray that you unleash your selfishness and pride. Selfishness and pride cannot be your guide, otherwise, you will continue to be in the same hopeless situation you find yourself in. Be kind, be unselfish, put your pride aside and ask for forgiveness, ask for help if you need it.

God bless!!!

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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