Saturday, June 13, 2009


Greetings my friends:

I thank God for allowing me to write what He has placed on my heart. Remember, I told you that God wants me to share my story with you.

Today, my story is about when my family lived on St. Thomas Street in Belize City with my grandmother. The house we grew up in on St. Thomas Street was for my grandmother, Cordelia Hunter, God rest her soul. Many days my grandmother would curse us (my mom and dad even us the children) out telling us to get out of her house. I mean she would be cursing, she would be telling the neighborhood she wants us out of her house. I mean really, she would use curse words to us and to my parents. Just imagine as kids hearing those words "get out of my f****** house". I know it hurt us so badly, we would find our mom crying many days because we know we didn't have any place to go, especially with seven (7) kids. Yes, kids ranging in ages from about 2 years old to about 17 years old. Wow, to God be the glory.

My mother got up morning after morning and would go to the Dept. of Lands to try and get a piece of land from the government, this happened for many, many years. In fact, I remember I used to get up some early mornings to go with her. Well, eventually, she got the land, now, she had to go to Ministry of Housing to try and seek assistance in building a house. Same thing, early mornings after early mornings waiting in long, long, long lines to try and see the minister to ask for assistance in building a house. You see, in Belize, when you are poor you have to go to the various ministries to ask for assistance. You get turn around, you get pushed around, you get insulted, all kinds of nasty attitudes, but my mother never gave up. She knew she had to get us out of our grandmother's house, by hook or crook.

To make a long story short, she got the house built with the assistance of the minister of housing. So, we were very, very relieved and grateful that we could finally moved from our grandmother's house to our very own. I was in 4th form/12th grade when we moved. That was one storm our family overcame.

This storm paved the way for my family's success. Now, thanks be to God, my parents have their second house, yes, they are now living in their second house. I have my own house, one here in the U.S. and one in Belize, all my sisters and brothers have their own houses too. My parents stayed prayed up and my mom knew that one day the storm would turn into blessings. Storms happen for a reason--God has a plan for all of us. As my pastor said in one of his sermons, It had to happen. Yes, if my grandmother was not cursing us to get out of her house, maybe my parents would not have ever tried to obtain their own house, and us kids would never have obtained our own too. Now, we are all living a life of blessing because God's plan worked out for us.

When you go through a storm, never give up, keep walking through those trenches and eventually you will succeed, God will open up that way for you. Have faith and trust in God and everything will work out. Remember, this too shall pass, but God's words will always remain.

Have a supernatural Saturday.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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  1. How nice to see your blog. Thanks for letting me know of it. I am encouraged by your mother's life of perseverence in the face of curses and red tape. Yes, she got the home, but how much more did she gain hope!


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