Sunday, July 12, 2009

As A Follow-up

Greetings my friends:

Wow, let me start off just to give a shout of praise to God. I just thank God for the confirmations He always sends to me. Thank you Lord.

Today, at church, my pastor's, Rev. Williams, III, sermon was titled, "It's Time to Deal With My Demons." You know, I was ready for the Word in dealing with my demons. Rev. Williams' sermon was from Luke 8:26-31. Friends, the crux of the message was that the devil shows up when Jesus steps in, but the devil can only do so much that God allows him to do. You see, after our greatest victory is when we see our greatest attack, confirms Rev. Williams.

According to Rev. Williams there are three things we must know when we are dealing with the devil. Those are, 1) know the power of the Lord's presence; 2) know the proximity of the Lord's presence; and 3) you must know that you can take the devil's authority away from him. How do we take away the devil's authority? I am glad you ask. Like I told you before, the devil does not like it when despite all our troubles we still glorify and magnify the name of the Lord. The devil does not like it when we call upon the name of Jesus when he is trying to shut us up. The devil does not like it when we keep on praising God despite the bad news we just received, or despite the set back that has just happened in our lives; or despite the telephone call we received from the doctor; or despite the visit we just received from a law enforcement officer; or despite the letter we received in the mail with bad news. The devil is a liar and we can continue to make a liar out of him when despite all our pain and struggles, we still worship and praise the Lord.

My friends, as we continue on our journey to get to heaven, please let us continue to pray, please let us continue to worship and praise God, please let us continue to read our Bibles, as it is rich with nourishment that we need to sustain our lives.

May God have mercy on us and may we live our lives in such a way that is pleasing to God.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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