Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh How We Forget

Blessings my friends:

You know we serve an awesome and great God!

Why is it that when some of us become followers of Jesus we tend to forget where we used to be in life? We tend to forget all the mistakes we made? Or we tend to forget the people we have hurt along the way? It irritates me to no end when people try to judge me for the things I did in my past that I already know God has forgiven me for. Do you get judged by people even though you know that God has forgiven you for your mistakes? We need to start schooling these people who judge us based on our past. We need to take them to the 8th chapter in the book of John. The disciple told of the story where the woman who had committed adultery was taken before Jesus to be stoned to death. See, the Pharisees were even trying to trick Jesus so they can get him arrested. But, oh what a wondrous God we serve! Jesus' reply to these Pharisees were "anyone here who has never sinned can throw the first stone at her." (John 8:7) You know, that shut them up so quickly. That's what they get for trying to act like they have never sinned. My friends, as far as God is concerned, a sin is a sin, no matter.

Friends, please do not judge people because of their past mistakes or who they used to be or who they used to do, or what they used to do. Would you like it if someone judges you for something you did way back in the day? Would you want that "dark" behavior to come to the light? Then what? See, judge no one, leave the judging up to God. God is the only judge that we should fear. We may not like what someone has done or is still doing, however, the christian thing for us to do is to forgive and pray for that person. Pray, pray, pray. Pray asking God to bind up that behavior, or to bind up whatever darkness needs to be bounded up. That's what we need to do as disciples of God.

The answer Jesus gave those Pharisees were so shocking to them, that they had to lap their tails between their legs and go about their way. Thank you Lord. Friends, if you are in that situation where someone tries to embarrass you because of something you have done, you just ask them, are you that perfect that you have never committed a sin? I bet you they will shut their mouths real quickly. As long as we confess with our mouth, God will forgive us. Jesus told the woman to go on about her way and do not sin anymore (Luke 8:10). As my pastor says, we are not defined by our past, however, our past is what defines us. We can use our past as our testimony; it is our blessing. It is because of our past that we now have favor. Remember, favor, what God has given us that we do not deserve. How many of us who act so holier than thou have favor? I betcha you don't. Don't judge me, only God can do that.

Stay blessed, keep reading the good book.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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