Friday, July 10, 2009

Women in Prayer

My friends:

God is a true and loving God and I thank Him for it! As a reminder to my previous blog, I just want to get in agreement with you that we are praying for miracles to happen in the lives of men, especially those in our children's lives.

As I review some of my journal entries from 2008, I came across a message from my pastor, the Rev. Dr. Felix G. Williams, III. Rev. Williams said that we must P-U-S-H. PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens. My friends, that's what we will do. We will keep on pushing and praying until something happens in the lives of men; we will push and pray until we see miracles perform in these men's lives. Rev. Williams reminded us that when we've had just about enough, we need to call on the name of Jesus. Jesus, help us, Jesus, please hear our cries; Jesus, please forgive us; Jesus, please help us; Jesus, have mercy on us. That's right, every time we pray, we need to call on the name of Jesus and we also need to end our prayer with, "In Jesus' Name". There is power in the name of Jesus. Again, I know I keep repeating myself, but my friends, it is truly important we keep hitting the devil with Bible verses; it is so important that we keep praising God in times of our troubles; it is super duper important that we pray. Prayer changes everything. I guarantee you that when you start praying for that man, pray believing, and pray asking God to bind up that specific thing that is a dark corner in his life, God will work it out for you. Thank you Lord.

My friends, as disciples, we need to stay in prayer. Prayer changes everything, but you must believe. Your heart must be open and receptive to God's word. You must be still and patient and let God work it out for you. Only God can perform that miracle.

Be blessed and be a blessing for someone today.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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