Saturday, July 4, 2009

Living For God

Friends, greetings in Jesus' name:

Peter, the apostle, took me back to when I used to run the streets in Belize; when I used to go club hopping every weekend. But, thanks be to God, that was all back in the day when I was living a life of darkness. My life is an indication of how God good is; how He can use our darkness and turn it into light. To God be the glory that I am forgiven, I am a changed woman. I am woman who has been given mercy for her transgressions. Thank you Lord. I know that many people do not believe that I am no longer the party woman, Ms. "Solid Gold", but I do party for the Lord. Instead of club hopping, I have my own party for the Lord. I worship God in the morning time, I worship God in the noon time, I worship God in the evening time. I worship God all the time. I sing songs of praise and worship to my Lord. Yes, I said sing. I am not blessed with a singing voice, but I can tell you the Lord loves to hear me sing because He is just so awesome!! I dance for the Lord like David danced for the Lord. When I was living in darkness, I danced to Lieutenant Stitchie and Papa Saan, but look how Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa Saan and I now sing and dance to the Lord! Oh how marvelous when God forgives wretches!

When you get filled with the Holy Spirit, you are filled with joy. When you have joy, you just praise God just because. You don't need an excuse. You are just so happy that even when trials come, you still have a smile on your face. No one would know that you are going through some trial. God is wonderful and He is full of mercy. 1 Peter 4:2 says, "Strengthen yourselves so that you will live here on earth doing what God wants, not the evil things people want." Yes, Lord, I will praise you for the rest of my days. I do not care what people want, I know what I want and that is to praise and love my Lord and Savior.

Peter encouraged us to live such good lives that people will see the good things we do and will give glory on the day when Christ comes again (1 Peter 12). Oh what a day of rejoicing that will be, when we all see Jesus, we will sing and shout for victory! My friends, as Peter advised us, let us strengthen ourselves with the Word of God. Let us strengthen ourselves by doing what God wants us to do; that is, living right; witnessing and testifying of God's goodness and mercy and grace; help each other; love each other; forgive each other; and spread kindness to all mankind.

Please get in God's Word and pray asking God for continued strength as we continue our walk with Him, bringing others along the way with us.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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