Saturday, July 11, 2009

Defeating the Devil

Hello my friends:

You know, the devil is always busy trying to find his target, either you or me. Sometimes we find that the more we are praying and the more God fills us with the Holy Spirit, the more the devil tries to insert himself in our lives. However, we must continue to pray. We know that the devil even tried to tempt Jesus for 40 days. When I read Luke Chapter 4, verses 1 to 13, I see how Jesus dealt with the devil. Jesus prayed and prayed, and he hit the devil with scriptures. The first time satan attempted to mess with Jesus was in verse 3, when he told Jesus if you are the Son of God, tell the rock to become bread. You see what Jesus did, he hit that fool with the Scripture; again the devil tried to tempt Jesus in verses 6 and 9. Each time he tried, Jesus was ready for him with the Scriptures. We see in verse 13 that the devil was defeated, he was burned with words from the Scripture. Verse 13, "after the devil had tempted Jesus in every way, he left him to wait until a better time."

My friends, we should try to emulate Jesus, whenever the devil tries to tempt us, we should do exactly what Jesus did, that is, answer the devil with words from the Bible. You see, the devil waits until we are filled with the Holy Spirit to try and mess with us. He tries to mess with us when we just receive a blessing, he tries to mess with us when we get a favor or a promotion from God. My friends, let us keep on the armor of God, let us quote those scriptures for the devil. The more we reference God in our answers to the devil and the more we keep on praising God, despite his every efforts to discourage us, he will give up and leave us alone. However, we must stay prayed up. We must study and stay in the Word because we know that he will come around again. How will you answer the devil with the Scriptures if you are not reading the Word? Please, let us get into the Word, morning, noon and night.

Let us keep on pressing and pushing and praying so that we are always ready when the devil comes knocking. Let us arm ourselves with the Lord. Let us hit the devil with our praises to God. Remember, stay in prayer, believe, and live your life in such a way that the devil will think twice when he tries to mess with you and your family.

Glory to God.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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