Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Call On The Name of Jesus

Hello my friends:

Everyday we are bombarded with obstacles and challenges that come our way. I don't know about you, but I know for me, especially as a single parent, my challenges are constant, my obstacles are constant. However, thanks be to God for his tender loving mercy, as I have found for myself that I just need to call on the name of Jesus. When I was in the world and these challenges and obstacles come my way, I would curse, I fussed, I worried, I got angry, I got upset, I got depressed, I did not sleep, I would eat every and anything; I would nag and nag and nag about everything and every who; I mean, I would just be a total mess; just a total mess. Oh, the devil was in his glory at what he was doing to me. Solomon, in Proverbs 15:30 says your happiness will show in your eyes, well, you would see the sadness and the restlessness in my eyes. There were no happiness in my brown eyes. Friends, I have found a true and faithful friend; and his name is Jesus. How I found out He is true and faithful? Well, I gave my life to Him completely. I have surrendered my life completely to Him. I trust Him in everything and anything.

You see my friends, I have experienced that when you start to truly get in the Word, when you get serious about being a follower of Jesus, you will find yourself, as I am now, just calling out the name of the Jesus; I find myself just thinking about Jesus; I find myself praying to Jesus. Oh, you know, the devil does not like me now, oh no, I am no longer his best friend, so you know, he always tries to find ways to get to me. But, I have news for him. As Nicole C. Mullen sings,
"..sometimes I am hiding away from the madness around me, like a child who is afraid of the dark, but when I call on Jesus, all things are possible, when I call on Jesus, mountains are gonna fall, 'cause He'll move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call." (Nicole C. Mullen's, Call on Jesus) My friends, you best believe that's what Jesus will do, He will move heaven and earth to come help you. That's when the devil wraps his tail between his legs and run!! Philippians 4:13, my favorite Bible verse, tells me that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. That's what God does for us, He strengthens us, but for us to get strengthened, we must obey, we must read the Bible, we must believe, we must have faith, me must take our obstacles and challenges to the Lord in prayer; we must leave our problems with God and let God take care of them, He will give us the strength to go on despite these obstacles and challenges.

Nicole sings, "call Him in the morning; in the afternoon time; late in the evening, He'll be there. When your heart is broken,and you feel discouraged, you can just remember that He said He'll be there..." My friends, you have to know that Jesus will be there for you, you just need to call on Him. Even though Jesus is watching everything that is going on here on earth, He delights when His children call on Him for help. You know, I am only speaking the truth and you can believe me when I tell you that Jesus will show up not a day late, or for that matter, a dollar short. He will show up just when you need Him to. Thank you Lord for your grace and your mercy and your tender loving kindness. Jesus is a true friend; He will not talk about us, He will not spread our business to others; He will not judge us. What He will do is heal us; He provides for us; He protects us; He keeps us sane; He brings happiness to us. The simple fact of the matter is that Jesus is the answer to all our obstacles and challenges. All we need to do is just call on Him. Remember, we must defeat the devil, and the only way to do that is to call on the name of Jesus. My friends, open your mouths and call on the name of Jesus. For those of us who love to chat on the cell, all you need to do is dial J-E-S-U-S and talk to Him.

May God give you deliverance and peace from whatever challenges and obstacles you are facing.

Ta ta,
Therese from Belize

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